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How to Choose the Best Panel? From PV Savvy

  1. How to Choose the Best Panel?

    Know More About Solar Panels

    There are over 1500 panel brands in the market

    How do you choose the best from these?
    Here is a list of critical parameters to look into

    Go through sections to know more
  2. Panel Grades

    GRADE - Make sure you do not end up with Grade C or lower

    Click on each to know its specific characterstics

    Grade A
    Grade B
    Grade C

  3. Efficiency

    EFFICIENCY - Higher the efficiency, you require less area for same output

    Efficiency: 11%
    Area: 2.5m2
    25.0 sq.ft

    #For a 250W panel

    #As efficiency changes, electricity generation from panels of same rated output does not

    Drag Slider

    11% 20%

    Go for very high efficiencies only if you have significant space constraints

  4. Warranty

    Warranty- Manufacturers offer two type of warranties; linear and standard. Guaranteed output is higher with linear than standard.This can result in generation increase of up to 7%

    Click to compare both

    Additional Value

    1. Guaranteed units for 25 years with Linear: 3.37 Million*
    2. Guaranteed units for 25 years with Standard: 3.15 Million*
    3. Overall % increase with Linear: 6.5 %
    *For a 100kW System
  5. Temperature Coefficient

    TEMPERATURE COEFFICIENT - Panel performance decreases in high temperatures. Consider panels with low temperature coefficient, else you can lose up to 2.5% of generation

    High Temperature Coefficient

    Yearly Generation*

    Low Temperature Coefficient

    Yearly Generation*

    *For a 100kW System
    Generation loss with high temp. coefficient = 0%
    (compared to low temp. coefficient)

    Drag Slider

    (to vary panel temperature)

    25°C 50°C

  6. Anti-PID Feature

    Anti-PID Feature - Panels without anti-PID(Potential Induced Degradation) may degrade easily and may need replacement within a few years

    Click to compare generation difference
    Compared with panel having Anti-PID feature
    1. Generation loss without Anti-PID feature(if you are lucky) after 25 years: 40%
    2. Generation loss without Anti-PID feature(if you are not lucky) after 25 years: 75%
  7. High Performance at Low Sunlight

    LOW LIGHT PERFORMANCE - Good performance at low irradiance(sunlight) makes panels perform better in low light conditions.

    Can result in a generation increase of up to 7%

    Click to compare generation difference
    Additional Value
    Additional Value
    Overall increase per day= 7%
  8. Summary

    Poor panel selection could result in significant generation loss

    Ensure the following at the very least in your panels:

    • Grades A or B
    • A good warranty
    • Anti-PID feature

    And do these too:

    • Show the details in this page to your installer and ask relevant questions
    • Bookmark this page and refer to it when needed