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The following disclaimers are made with regard to PV Savvy and its use.

  • The main objective of PV Savvy is to create awareness and educate the buyers of solar PV systems about the key parameters that determine the long term performance of these systems.
  • In this process, we have done extensive background research to determine what parameters are to be looked into regarding various factors of power plants like panel selection, inverter selection, installer selection and others.
  • While all care has been taken to estimate values, it should be noted that what we have provided are only likely outcomes, which can change based on a number of variables, some of them market based, some of them based on the system installer and some of them based on how well the operations and maintenance are carried out subsequent to installation.
  • Hence, what we have provided as estimates should only be taken as indicative and not a precise projection. Neither PV Savvy nor Solar Mango is responsible for variations in results from the solar power plants chosen with the PV Savvy estimates.

At the same time, we reiterate that the use of our tool and making intelligent choices based on it will most likely enhance the performance of and output from your solar power system.
All the best!